R e s p e c t

Assalamualaikum guys :) Today I wanna talk about RESPECT .
This recently , I keep figuring . . The youngster
should respect elders and that is common . But , how
about the elders should respect the youngster ?

I Kept on thinking about this couple days ago . .
When we are respecting the elders but they does 
the opposite thing to us (youngster) . So I conclude
that , youngster are unable to get a respect .

So , do you guys agree with what I'm trying to say ?
I'm sick to behave so good(respect) toward elders 
but then being humiliate back by them . I'll
give an example .

Youngster : Hye , how's your day :)
Elders : None of your business , kids !

Look ! How they treat the youngster or teen ?
But not all the elders are that kind (disrespect youngster).
I know lots of the elders ( 30+) are respecting youngster
because they have young children and niece . We're not
a teen that seeking for any attention , but please respect 
us . Even though we are not elders yet but at least we still have
pride . Talking politely , behave nicely . . .
Once you respect us , sure we will respect you for thousand times.

I'm not just say so , but this is what elders should do ! I know it's a bit gauche
to say like that , but that's the truth . You'll get what you give :)

c'Ya in another post :)
bye and Assalamualaikum