An Empty Morning

"Rinnng" I woke up effortlessly and rubbing around my bed searching for my cellphone to snooze my alarm . I still in a Sleep mode at that time , I walked like a zombie to my dressing table and have a sit there . Then , I started to sit to re-energize my body and wait for my sister out from the toilet .

So , I sit down and stare the mirror deeply and I laugh a bit because of my messy hair are just like a homeless person . But , I find something different between me and my reflection in the mirror . The reflection of me did not do the exactly what I am doing . But I do not really care actually because I am half-awake at that moment and maybe that was just my hallucination . But , when I stand up , I realized my reflection still sitting but "he" is looking at me like an eagle .

Well actually ,  I still act "cool" and pretend like nothing happen at that time ,  because that was my personality cool and calm . But , my heart is pounding faster and faster and it is about to jump out my chest . My face turned pale and cold-sweat is flowing so fast as river maybe . I left my room and search for people in the house , the moment when I comes out from my room I saw my sister is wiping his hair with her towel . That was a relief after saw my sister was here and nothing to afraid of. 

I am about to forget the mirror and going down the stairs to have a drink before I change my school uniform . when I'm on my way to the kitchen , the phone is ringing and I run to answer the call . Once I have answered the phone , I almost fainted because my sister is on the phone she is telling me that she and my parent are going to Kota Kinabalu for an interview and she wanted to inform me that I have to go to school by myself . . .

I hang up the phone and running to upstairs and I saw  "my sister" is putting his make up at my dressing table . Once she saw notice me , she look at me and say  "Do you mind help me with this lipstick" and once again , I almost fainted when I saw the girl or maybe the ghost's face.  Her face is completely creepy I ran down the stairs and I slipped down . I think I hit my head on something hard and finally fainted .

When I wake up , I realized that I was surrounded by my family and my sister too . They said , they heard weird sound on the phone once I hang up the phone . "Oh , maybe I did not hang up the phone properly" I monologue . My mother said that , I was in my school uniform when they saw me laying on the floor and she also saw a lipstick sign at my school uniform and she saw a powder beside me .

Still questioning myself , what happened that morning ? Empty house ? What is that ? ?