Save for the last
Assalamualaikum , its been very long time not updating my blog . Pity me , because I have lots of thing to think of and slightly forgot about BLOG :3 .

So , I just wanted to say that soon I will facing my real life enemy (Exam) which is not a typical exam that you can play with because my career and ambition is really depend on this .

I really scare of these 2 subjects , chemistry and physics . Because I never passed these subjects before and my ambition was totally depending on these 2 subjects , REALLY ! So , I hope that I will improve what I could improve because the exam is just a month ahead . Wish me luck okay :) I hope I could do my best and makes my parent and family proud .

Life is a journey that full of torn , only the one who able to withstand all the pains could go through . But , you can either choose to go through the torn-full journey naked or wearing a shield . Nowadays , everything was prepared for you and it is depend on you to choose the simple way or the difficult way . Clever choices leads to success .

See Y'all Around :)