Hello everybody ! Guess what , I'm stealing a bit of my time to update my blog and will revealing my top 10 favorite singer ( International) . So , without longer explanation presenting you my Top 10 singers

#10 : The script

I recognize this group when Xenia from the voice US season 1 sang his song entitle The Man Who Can't Be Moved . I immediately search them in Youtube and yes I was captured by their vocalist's voice , Danny ! Their genre is a bit different form other group . 

#9 : Jason Mraz

I love this guy ! He is amazing . Started following him when heard his old single entitle I'm Yours and the song is still one of worldwide favorite song . Recently , he came out with his new single like I won't give up and more . He is more to country I guess .

#8: Adele

Oh , my little sweetheart . I love her on stage , I love all her song ! She is gorgeous in her own way . I love her raspy voice . She is well-known all around the world and her single rolling in the deep and someone like you really boost her popularity up high . Now , she is popular with his single Skyfall .

#7 : Tyler Ward

I bet people know this guy right ? The one and only Tyler ward . He is one of the most outstanding and famous YOUTUBE STAR . I started to follow his carrier when he is covering a song from adele , someone like you . The smoothness of his voice was magnificent and perfect . GOOD JOB , buddy :)

#6 :P!nk

I love her rock voice ! She is one of the outstanding live performer . I love to watch her life rather than recording . Try , Just give me a reason and many more was a great song and a great music to play through my playlist . Adore her .

#5: Adam Levine (Marroon5)

What can I describe about this guy . he is full of surprise and very charismatic guy . I love all his songs his band was fantastic . Payphone , Their latest singles was awesome and I'm really looking forward for his album .

#4 : Fifth harmony

After heard justin timberlake , mirrors cover from them with boyce avenue . I started to stalk all their performances in X-factor. 5 beautiful singers were grouped into one and named their group as fifth Harmony. Eventhough 5 of them not know each other really well but they were really good in harmonizing and synchronizing their voices through all the songs their sing .

#3 : PSY

PSY PSY ! ! ! This dude is crazy , he deserve that name . A singer and dancer from korea that shocked worldwide with his Oppa Gangnam Style and Gentleman . Eventhough he is asian but , his name spread like a virus through all the countries in the world and his NAME , DANCE , SONG and MORE was a phenomena .

#2 : Jessie J

I think lots of great singers are come from UK . This is the one and only Jessie J . She is amazing and fantastic . I can't really describe her in sentences actually but I'll try . People were touched by her single entitle who you are that actually a real story of her life . She able to sing what kind of genre . One of the most exciting performance and song she has is MAMA know best ! GOD , she is amazing in the song and *hats down* for someone who can imitate that performance .

#1 : Bruno Mars 

He is the man . Bruno Mars Nominated as My favorite singer worldwide . I love him in all aspects , voice , attitude, wardrobe and more . I started to follow and become addicted to him when heard his voice first time in radio with his song Billionaire ft Travie Mccoy . After that , he come with his single such as , just the way you are , come one me , marry you , talking to the moon , lighter , mirror and MORE . I really loves his performance in Grammy Award 2011 singing Runaway baby . OMG , he was phenomenal ! Now , he is more to classic song and people tag him as the new Micheal Jackson . Because he brings back all the nostalgia of that era through his singles locked out of heaven and treasure . #HOOLIGANS #ALWAYS :)

Big thanks to google for the image and big thanks to wikipedia for the information . Sorry for grammar mistakes and I hope you enjoy your moment . Sorry if your fav singer was not listed in here because this IS MY LIST . HAHAHAHA xD